Cozy and Inviting Fall Decor

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Welcome to Fall Nesting!


Don’t we all at some level crave a home that is cozy and inviting? Maybe it’s still 110 degrees where you are right now. I’m so sorry LOL! Maybe you are still craving air conditioning .…


But remember, our perspective in this fall nesting series is that what we want our home to feel like doesn’t have to be limited by what is going on right now outside our home!


Even though it may be difficult for some to get in that mood when the weather isn’t cooperating, that’s what this Fall Nesting series is for! You’re in the right place, friends! I want this series to inspire us all to make strides in creating a home we will love in fall, but also be a place where we feel at home in all seasons!


Cozy and Inviting (Get the Look!) will be a fun periodic “mini-series” within our Fall Nesting series!

To focus on that “cozy and inviting” mood many of us crave for our home, I will share a variety of inspiration rooms that feel cozy and inviting to me (for a variety of reasons!).


Then I’ll quickly brainstorm a list of whatever elements I see that I think help create that mood.


Sometimes we’ll focus on rooms that incorporate traditional “fall decorating” items (the pumpkins and plaid pillows, for example!), other times we’ll focus on more general design elements or the mix of textures or accessories that can be incorporated into a room to inspire the mood this season.


Then, we’ll feature items or tips to “get the look” into our home.


There’s not only one way to decorate (at least around here!). It’s my belief that we should make our home unique and authentic to us! So as always, take away from these posts or inspiration photos what inspires you. Leave the rest. Then go make your home your own!


Sound good? Let’s do this.




Here are some notes on what stands out to me (and see the end of this post for items I would consider including if I was styling or designing a similar space!)


Mixed metals. Nickel faucet, stainless steel appliances. gold brass hardware, gold accent in light, silver vent hood, gold frame in corner on counter.

Cozy texture on the wall – antique looking tile

Rugs. Striped warm colors with blues. (these look like Dash & Albert rugs, my very favorite rug brand and the same brand my two rug designs are for!)

This room looks clean and tidy, but still homey and lived in with some items out in the open. I call that “every day on display”! There is a French press out on the counter, a white crock with spoons, olive oil out on counter in a pretty bottle, a big white soup pot…

Warm accents like concrete pots with plants and wood accessories..

Lighting. Pendant with a shade instead of glass, with warm gold detail. A table lamp with a white shade would give a similar effect to this look. I love lamps in kitchens! (see my blog post with inspiration for lamps on kitchen counters)

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