Guided Standup Paddle Board and Kayak Tours in Fort Myers Beach!

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Lovers Key is the best place to take a Guided Kayak or Paddle board tour on Ft. Myers Beach.

Come out and experience Natural Florida from on top of a kayak or paddle board. Our guides will transport you back to old time Florida before the condominiums, resorts, and million dollar mansions dotted the coastline. As you peacefully trek through the 2.5 mile estuary inside Lovers Key State park, you will be amazed by the tranquility of the park balanced between the town of Fort Myers Beach and the City of Bonita Springs.

Manatees will swim next to your vessel and sometimes float with you through the winding water way. Birds will soar through the sky talking only a language that they understand as osprey swoop down to the water and catch fish as they fly back to their nest. Dolphins will jump out of the water and playfully swim with the group. Tarpon will roll over the water mocking fishermen as they continue to be the most elusive fish in the Lovers Key. Lovers Key Adventures guides will point out the wild life and explain the back ground of each species including the plants, trees, and flowers that are growing as wild as they did before early settlers began the transformation of Florida. Our tour guides will amaze you with the stories of how a bearded pirate lived on Black Island, the very reason for the name Black Island, and his treasure that is said to be hidden in the park.

Lovers Key Adventures offers a number of different tours, each unique in what you might see and different areas in the park, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards are welcome on all tours. We are proud to offer the best Kayak Tours in Fort Myers Beach!

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